Welcome To Right Voice for You!

Right Voice For You is a special program like no other, inviting you to let go of your past stories and definitions of yourself and to show up in your life in a dynamic, present, and powerful new way.

Using the tools of Access Consciousness®, you’ll learn how to lower your barriers, receive from everyone, step into your potency, think on your feet and get out of your own way.

  • Do you desire to have more confidence and ease on a stage, in a boardroom, or even in family conversations?
  • Do you know that you have ideas inside you that wish to be shared?
  • Do you ever shrink in front of others?
  • Do you have trouble asking for what you desire?
  • Or, are you simply ready to be the rock star you truly are?

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"When you have the right voice for you, people cannot resist you.”--Gary Douglas


Right Voice For You workshops are offered worldwide by over 35 brilliant facilitators, all of whom have been trained by founder Gary Douglas.


The Art of Being Your Voice Podcast

Would you like to show up as who you truly are, be seen and heard in the world without apology, without resistance and live life as an adventure worth living?

Join the Right Voice For You facilitators and learn what else is possible!

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OUR GIFT TO YOU: Giving Gratitude a Voice

Please enjoy our gift for choosing to be your voice in the world - 'Giving Gratitude a Voice'. Simply register and we will send you a download link via email! What if you can have gratitude for everything that you have today and still ask for more?


Every facilitator is well-versed in the tools of Right Voice while bringing their own unique capacities to the workshops. Find one that works for you here!

Right Voice For You is about becoming your voice in the world. The classes explore all areas in which you may be stopping your voice from being what it could be in your life and in the world.

Facilitators from around the world host a variety of workshops that invite you to experience the magic Right Voice For You has to offer. Classes range from an evening to a few days long.