Daria Hanson

Daria Hanson

Daria Hanson

When you trust you, anything is possible! 

When you  trust you and know that you know, no one can make your awareness less than what it is, no one can make you less than what and who you are!

Now, imagine what your life could be if you had these two elements in your life?

I find the greatest joy in facilatating for greater awareness, greater possibilty and change.

I am Daria and I have been involved with Access since 2012. I have been honoured to work with Gary Douglas and Dain Heer closely for the last 7 years.  And it has been my great fortune to have been exposed to Access tools and Access business.

Access, Gary and Dain have been a huge gift in my life and I love being able to be that gift for others. One of the many things that I have learned from them is that we are the creators of everything in our life, and that we can create anything we desire. And that we need to include our body in our choices, our creations and pleaures of life. Our body is our greatest and largest organ of awareness. When you include your body, your trust and your knowing into creating anything you desire, you will be surprised what is possible. 

What would it be like to create our lives instead of living the life that has happened to us, the life we have been given?

What would you be like today, if you were empowered to be you from the day you were born? Who or what would you be today, if you were the one creating you, choosing for you despite judgements the world might be imposing on you? 


My vision of the world we could live in is one where people are empowered to choose, live, enjoy, care for themselves as well as the planet.... the world where people allow others to be who they are and knowing and trusting in the

greatness, exuberance and joy of the abundant universe. I would like to see the world where people don’t judge and where people are empowered to be the greatness they can be. A world were we choose to be consciousness rather then feel like we don’t know something, and that is why bad things happen to us.


What choice can you make today that will create a greater world right away?

What if each and every one of us matters and has more power then we probably want to recognize?  If we recognized it, everything would have to change! Is now the time?

What do you desire out of life?


With gratitude for you being on the planet and reading this, 

Daria Hanson



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“"Every area you have a problem in is the area where you most likely have a great capacity that you have not acknowledged. Once you get to what that capacity is, you can unlock the gift you can be in the world and create the difference you came here to create."”

- Daria Hanson


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