Are you interested in expanding consciousness through one of our specialty areas? Do you desire more tools for even greater facilitation within your existing facilitator business? Does a specialty area resonate with you so strongly that you desire to get it out into the world?


No matter what your desire, we have different pathways available to you.


If you are already an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, you are eligible to attend an Access Specialty Facilitator Training. In fact, we encourage it! We know that every Specialty has tools that will add to your existing facilitation business; as well as your life!


If you desire to add one (or many) of the Access Specialty classes to those you can facilitate, for most of the trainings attending in person is a must. And, all have audio live available if you are not choosing to be a facilitator.


Click on the Access Specialty Facilitator Trainings below to find out more about attending the classes; as well as the other requirements to become a facilitator within that Specialty.

Joy Of Business Facilitator Training

March 30 - April 3, Livestream Only



For more information about Joy Of Business Specialty, go here.

Right Recovery For You Facilitator Training

June 3 - July 22 Online Class - 6 Zoom Series



For more information about Right Recovery For You, go here.

Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Facilitator Training

May 15 - 17 at The Lazy Double D Ranch, Bleiblerville, Texas



For more information about Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Specialty, go here.

Being You Facilitator Training

June 12 - 14 in New York, New York, USA



For more information about Being You Specialty, go here.

Right Voice For You Facilitator Training

July 24 - 26 at The Castle, Casalborgone (TO), Italy



For more about Right Voice For You, go here.


Relationships Done Different Facilitator Trainings


September 3 - 5 in La Fortuna, Costa Rica



December 11 - 13 in Noosa Heads, Australia



To learn more about Relationship Done Different, go here.

Specialties to Join Without In Person Training Classes

Access X-men Facilitators

For information and prerequisites on becoming an Access X-men facilitator:



Learn more about Access X-men, go here.

3-Day Body Facilitators

For information on becoming a 3-Day Body facilitator:



To learn more about Access Body Classes, go here.

Conscious Parents Conscious Kids

To become a Conscious Parents Conscious Kids facilitator meet the prerequisites and submit an application.

Email the CPCK gaggle for details about becoming a facilitator: CPCK@accessconsciousness.com


Learn more about Conscious Parents, Conscious Kids, go here.

Right Riches For You Facilitators

Right Riches for You has a brand new facilitator program - so new we do not have a link yet!

Email the Right Riches gaggle for more information: rightriches@accessconsciousness.com


Learn more about Right Riches For You Specialty, go here.

Stepping Into Being You Facilitators

Available to BF, AFF, and BPF facilitators who meet the prerequisites and apply to be a Stepping Into Being You Intro facilitator.

For details email the Being You Gaggle: beingyouadventures@accessconsciousness.com.


Learn more about Being You, go here.