Right Body For You

Welcome to Right Body For You! 

Do you enjoy your body or even like it? Have you ever wondered why we have a body at all?

Bodies can be one of the greatest contributions to not only creating your life but also just being happy.

Right Body for You is not about getting bodies “right”. Right Body for You is about changing the way bodies are viewed and judged.

Let Right Body for You introduce you to your body!

What if changing how you view your body can change not only your body but also your life? 

Right Body for You Facilitator Training

Most people have the point of view that their bodies are a problem. This Right Body for You Facilitator Class is all about empowering you to let go of the rightness of your point of view and to facilitate from the place of question, choice, possibility and contribution.

Right Body for You Spotlight on Body Image

Is it time to change that we have value, based solely on how we “look”? Are you ready to create a world that goes beyond value that is based on looks?

Right Body for You Spotlight on Weight

What if gaining or losing weight was easier than we've been taught? Are you ready to create a new reality where what you weigh isn’t a fight, but a possibility?

Right Body for You Spotlight on Communicating with Your Body

Do plants, the Earth and animals have a consciousness? So does your body! What if asking questions of your body like, “What would you like to eat, body?” or “Body, what do you know about this?” will change EVERYTHING?

Right Body for You Spotlight on Bodies and Food

Food and what it does to our bodies is one of the most judged things on the planet. Are you ready to create a new reality where food isn’t the best or worst thing you could do to your body?

Right Body For You Taster

Right Body for you is an amazing and totally different type of body program.  It uses the Access Consciousness tools and techniques that work at the energetic level to create change with your body quickly and easily. 

Right Body for You Workshop

Do you and your body feel joy every day? What if you could?  What would your life be like then? In this interactive workshop you will: 1) Build Communication and Communion with your body, 2) Develop Conscious Eating Habits, and 3) End judgments of your body and YOU.

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