Symphony of Possibilities - Audio Live

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must have done two LIVE SOPs before signing up for Audio Live. 

Are you aware that your capacities with energies are unique? Do you know that the way you resonate with the world is a phenomenal gift? What if you are an orchestrator of all possibilities?

*Our videos are subtitled in several languages. Click settings in the lower right corner of the video to turn them on and to select a language.

This class is truly on the creative edge of Access Consciousness. During this 4-day advanced training with Dr. Dain Heer, you will become intimately aware of energies and learn how to truly utilize them to create your life, living and a totally different reality!

What if you are the composer of your reality? What if you have the capacity to be the maestro of change?

For parts of this training, Dain uses the ESB process to show and invite you to an energetic space where miracles can occur – in total ease. For other parts, you will be exploring that energy yourself, while working energetically on people in class, or while being worked on. The simultaneity of gifting and receiving that opens up, expands into universes of possibilities and… oneness.

Is now the time to change the world by your very touch? Is it time to become what you were always meant to be? If yes, then this class may be what you’ve been looking for, for a very long time.

Since my time with you I've been running the SOP energy through my body, soul and all my interactions – my world is peaceful and easeful for the first time in all my 50 years! – JULIE

I too have always been the only one of my kind in the world, but because of the SOP class I am not completely alone in this world. I’m so grateful to be not alone.  – MARJ


4 days


Choice of Possibilities and the Energetic Synthesis of Being Class.

  • You must have completed one of the prerequisites above within 12 months from the start date of the SOP Training.
  • OR you must have completed the prerequisites above at any time and in addition completed a class (3 or more days long) or a full telecall series with Gary Douglas or Dr. Dain Heer within 12 months from the start date of the SOP Training.
  • AND you must have done two LIVE SOPs before signing up for Audio Live.


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Class Details

This is the AUDIO LIVE version.

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Please Note:  The dates of this class have been changed from the 27-30 July to 26-29 July.