Was brauchst du, um die Access Bars® zu unterrichten?

Nimm an


ganztägigen Access Bars-Kursen mit drei unterschiedlichen Access Bars-Facilitatoren (BF) oder Zertifizierten Access-Facilitatoren (CF) teil.

*Beim ersten Kurs zahlst du den vollen Preis und die beiden folgenden erhältst du zum Wiederholerpreis von 50 %!

Beantrage deine


als Access Bars®-Facilitator und erhalte ein Willkommenspaket mit deiner persönlichen Zertifizierung und BF-Materialien.

*Nachdem du eine Erstanmeldegebühr entrichtet hast, erhältst du ein digitales Online-Bewerbungsformular zur Übermittlung deiner Daten. Dies ist ein einfacher, schrittweiser Vorgang.

*Es gelten die jährlichen Verlängerungsvoraussetzungen.

Das Mindestalter, um einen Antrag zu stellen, beträgt 16 Jahre.

As a certified Access Bars facilitator you can:

Offer Access Bars sessions to clients, family, and friends.

Host Gifting & Receiving events where people come and trade Access Bars sessions.

Facilitate introductory talks on Access Bars.

Teach the full one-day Access Bars class. 

Facilitate introductory classes based on various Access Consciousness books.

What else is possible?

Ready for your Access Bars business to expand with ease? We have gathered some of our favorites for you in the Access Shop!

Appear in the global facilitators listings and public class calendars both on the Access Bars site as well as the main Access Consciousness website! On your profile page, you can include your contact details, your photo, a video, handle your classes and events and compose your personal message.

Purchase premade flyers, brochures, business cards and expo banners with your name on them! Choose a complete package or individual items. Receive personalized files to print on demand.

No matter what country you are from, you can be an affiliate. This is about us thanking you for the contribution you are. We are so grateful that you share the tools of Access Consciousness, our books, and other products, that we’d like to pass on the rewards to you.

Ongoing Assistance

We have an amazing Access Bars Creation team creating resources and tools for you to grow your Access Bars business with ease, joy, and glory! Access Consciousness is hosting regular telecalls and video conferences with special guests on many different topics, as well as sending regular news through email and posting updates on our FREE special resources site. All to assist you as an Access Bars facilitator. Staff is also available by email and often by phone calls.